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This year my micro business celebrates a pottery anniversary, nine years of creation, development, change and imagination beyond my wildest dreams.  Running a business means reacting to the changing market place in the ‘bat of an eyelid’ whilst still keeping the central module beating with integrity.  This year 2020, the year of Covid-19 has changed our world in ways we could not have imagined. Fired! like so many small business and artisans workshops are not able to practice our business in the usual way.  Our gallery spaces and communal workshop areas have quite understandably become unsustainable and we have to find new ways of exhibiting and selling our work.  It is with hesitation that I am going to sell online for the first time as a trial whilst exploring how the artisan world responds to this maelstrom.  Let the new chapter begin...


"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"

Vincent Van Gogh



Please contact for commissions and sales and further information.


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About Caroline Hawkins

Caroline Hawkins is a Reader and Licensed Lay Minister in the Church of England, in the Diocese of Peterborough.  She is also a silver clay artist and dressmaking tutor in the Northamptonshire area.  During the present situation of Covid-19  Caroline is also a ztutor, (a zoom tutor) teaching art history introductory courses for NCC.

Working from her home studio Fired! Silver Clay Jewellery was founded in 2011 and Caroline has regularly exhibited in local venues across the area.  On the mixed media and textile and dressmaking side of things, The Creative Crab was born in 2016 as surprisingly it had never occurred to her that sewing for over 40 years might have been a career path of choice!  Nevertheless being 'late to the party' can sometimes have it's advantages! 

Caroline has now gained her BTEC Award in Education and Teaching Award and after 3 years of training has also just been admitted into the office of Reader within the Church of England.

Silver Clay Jewellery commissions taken upon consultation.




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